Wednesday, September 4, 2019

22 Best Love Quotes by The Good Readers


Love Quotes

22 Love Quotes by The Good Readers


22 Love Quotes by The Good Readers

Let your heart speak. Write your own music...

I never believed Someone Like You could exist. But then I meet you. 

You're all my heart ever talks about. 

I like to be alone. But I would rather be alone with you. 

In world lifetime, you will have many times, but one love will burn your soul forever. 

Chase her. Chase her even when she is already yours that's the only way you will be sure to never lose her. 

When I hear your voice I feel safe. 

Just because we are not talking, doesn't mean I am not missing you. 

You don't even know how badly I want you and that hurt so much.


Wherever you go I'll be with you. 

And if you call me at 4:00 p.m. to sad to even say hello I will listen to your silence until you fall asleep. 

I have you, and that makes me smile every time I think about it. 

You are beautiful no matter what.

It's always been you. I am in love with you. 

I love you. there are only three words, but they are the three truest words I know. And I will be saying them to you forever.

You are my Forever and Always.

You are perfect because everything you do makes me smile. Because every second spent with you is worthwhile. Because when you laugh at me, I love too. Because everyone can see I am devoted to you. Because I love your eyes and the way the Shine. Because you don't tell lies and you are so cute when you to Whine. Because when you get mad, you can't hide it. Because even when you are sad, I can find it. Because the way you hold me sends shivers down my spine. Because I can never stop thinking about you. It's not fair because you are so perfect and no one else can compare.

Another month. another year. Another Smile. another tear another winter and another summer too. but there can never be another you.


I am here. I love you, I don't care If You Wanna Stay Up crying all night long, I am here for you and there is nothing you can ever do to lose my love.

I want a relationship where we talk like a best friend... play like kids... argue like husband and wife. And protect each other like siblings.

You are on my mind no matter where I go.

I make this promise to be you " I love you" each and every night. I am yours... all of me. 

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