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40 Romantic Love Quotes by The Good Readers


Love Quotes

40 Love Quotes by The Good Readers


40 Romantic Love Quotes by The Good Readers

Love so deeply the ocean gets jealous.

I will stay with you until my last breath.

I wanna be your last kiss, last love, endless everything.

Each day I love you more.

I automatically smile when I see you.

You are the song my lips got addicted to singing.

You have me. Until every last star in the galaxy dies. You have me.


Fight like tom and jerry,
Help each other like Motu and Patlu,
Love each other like Minnie and mickey mouse,
Protect each other Oggy and jack,
Maintain a strong bond like Doraemon and Nobita,
Understand each other like Hattori and Kenichi.
There are things which makes a relationship perfect.

Suddenly if I die,
Don't think I forgot you
You have to to look towards the sky
My tears will be a rain
Drop on your cheeks to say
Hey, I am still with you.

I will pin you in my love.
This way,
You will never be alone.

I never liked the song, but since the lyrics and the voice reminds me of you, I started loving it.

The flower dies, leaves the fragrance behind. So does love, with the memories.

I found you in sad songs the sound of train, sunsets, Sandys, smiles, and all the small things.

Every broken heart is a lesson.

I promise I will never leave you in any situation.

My worst fear is losing you.

I am so in love with you, it kills me to think of life without you.

You feel in love with the little things about someone, like the sound of their laughing and the way you smile forms.

Why do you keep feeding me?
Suited you will get fat and would not get another boyfriend.

I will hold your baby girl as long as it takes for you to feel my love and safety in my arms.

My favorite sweet dish is your "Lips".


Bad days will come and go but we will always stay strong together.

Once I am yours, I am yours. Loyal and committed to you and you only.

When a girl tells you everything detail what happened in the whole day, believe me, you are damn special to her.

Just thinking about you makes me smile.

Oh, my girl... You don't even know how beautiful you are.

Promise me you will never leave me.

I hope you are my future.

You are mine and I am never letting you go.

You never want to let you go.

The sound of your lock is better than any song, and your eyes make the stars look like they are not shining.

But I must admit I miss you terribly. The world is too quiet without use nearby.

I will never stop loving you. I will never stop thinking about you. You will always be on my mind. Day and night, you are there in my dreams.

You are the best surprise of my life.

I am sad but I smile. That's my life.

You know when you love someone. It hums through every inch of your body. It makes you smile and laugh and cry. It makes you feel alive, so alive like nothing can ever touch you. You just feel love.

I got jealous of the Sun, for it kisses your skin all day and I got jealous of the moon for it watches you you sleep and covers you lovingly in a blanket of stars.

It is my job, as your best friend and soulmate, to worry about you no matter what.

When I sleep, the vision of you keeps me safe from the nightmares that haunt me.

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