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20 Best & Romantic Love Quotes by The Good Readers


Love Quotes

20 Love Quotes by The Good Readers

Best-Romantic Love-Quotes-The-Good-Readers

20 Best & Romantic Love Quotes by The Good Readers

It's always been you. I am in love with you.

I love you. They are only three words, but there are three truest words I know. And I will be saying them to you forever.

You are mine forever and Always.

You are perfect because everything you do makes me smile. Because every second spent with you is worthwhile. Because everyone can see I am devoted to you. Because you don't tell lies and you are so cute when you whine. Because when you get mad, you can't hide it. Because even when you are sad, I can find it. Because the way you hold me sends shivers down my spine. Because I can never stop thinking about you. It's not fair because you are so perfect and no one else can compare.

Best-Romantic Love-Quotes-The-Good-Readers

You deserve something you don't have to question. You deserve someone who is sure of you.

Let's meet in our dreams tonight.

I could talk about you for hours and end. To anyone, to anything, about you, I just love things about you and talking about you. Bragging about you because you are the one I love.

Every time I close my eyes, all I see your face smiling at me.

I am looking at her, and she is so beautiful, and she doesn't just feel like home. She looks like it.

I promise I won't be like the others, I will treat you with respect and love you deserve. I promise.

Talking to you always makes my day.

I want to have pointless conversations with you.

I have never needed animal but, I found myself needing you.

Best-Romantic Love-Quotes-The-Good-Readers

It is extraordinary when you meet someone and right away you know that they are the one you have been waiting for. Bareilly all The heartache, pain and distress that you went through was worth it because it leads you to this one special person.

There is something about you that so desirable to me but I don't know what it is. I think it could just be you entirely.

You are what I want and need.

I will always be here for you. I will always listen. I will give to you till the end of time. With me, you will never be alone.

I just want to assure you, you are all that I want, you are the only one I love this much.

You deserve something you don't have to question. You deserve someone who is sure of you.

I frequently find myself lost in thoughts of you.

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