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28 Life Quotes by The Good Readers


Life Quotes

What is the true meaning of life? Life is not about proving everyone wrong, life is about proving yourself right, life is not about competing against others, but life is about competing against yourself. Tum makes sure you are better than your previous self, better than you were yesterday to make sure you are growing every day. Developing, learning, experiencing. There are some life quotes from our side to tell you about the true meaning of life.


28 Life Quotes by The Good Readers

We are not getting older, we are doing growing.

Life is a combination of adjustment and compromises. Adjust when someone who wants to be with you can compromise when you want to be with someone.

Time change you from outside but people change you from inside.

God stands by us when we are down she encourages us when we think of quitting, and he guides us when things seem confusing.

You can't change the ocean or the weather,
No matter how hard you try, so it's best to learn how to sail in the conditions.

The truth of life do million good things nobody will care commit a single mistake and everybody will judge you.

One simple steps to stay happy... Never think and speak about the third person and never care what the third things and speak about you.

True friend cry when you leave. The fake friend leaves when you cry.

Good things come to those who believe. better things come to those who are patient, inter best thing come those who don't give up.

The reason why are she's so was made for two persons is that when you go down, there would always be someone there to lift you up again.

Sweetest of relations are like pillows, when you are tried you relax on them, sad you drop tears on them, angry you punch them, and when happy you hug them.

The taste of every relationship changes with time. Either it comes more sweet or salty.. it depends only on what we add to it daily.

Gardener makes water the plant daily but fruits grow only in the season. So have some patience, because everything is fixed to happen by its own time.

The light never turns the way we want but we can leave it the best way we can. There is no perfect life. But we fill it with the perfect moment.


God uses broken things beautifully; broken cloud pour rain, broken soil sets as fields, broken crop yield seeds, broken seeds give life to new plants. So when you feel broken, have patience God is planning to utilize you for something great.

The poverty of life. A poor man begs outside the temple whereas a rich man that's inside the temple real truth of life.

Reflection cannot be seen in boiling water. Similarly, solution cannot be seen with a disturbed mind. Be cool and you will find a solution for all the problems.

Successful people can't relax on the chair. They relax at work. They sleep with the dream. Awake with commitment and work towards goals. That's the spirit of life.

Self-love is the greatest medicine.

You should not rush something you want to last forever.

Simple life is a happy life.

People come and go in your life. But the right ones will always stay.

Hate is heavy, let it go.

It is difficult to leave until you leave. And then it is the easiest good damned thing in the world.

Affairs don't start in bedrooms please start with conversations.

There is something about myself that I can't explain to anyone.

This is for the times you went through hell so show someone as would not have it.

People who need help sometimes look not like people who you do not need help.

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